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What is SCADA?
20 June 2017
Reduce production costs and improve performance
20 June 2017
Launch of the website
17 June 2017
16 June 2017
Industrial Internet of things
16 June 2017
AllCtrl.SCADA based on 1C. Good and... even better!
16 June 2017
Cost reduction - Maintenance and repair of equipment on 1C
28 May 2017

About the company

The company works in the market for consulting services of St. Petersburg, Moscow since 2000, and specializes in the following areas:
  • Production consulting
  • Automation of enterprise management systems based on 1С (WMS, MES, MRPII, MRO, SCADA, ACS)
  • Implementation of network systems
  • Internet projects
  • Manufacture and supply of sensors, controllers, devices

We adhere to the concept of the individual approach and incorporate modern software and hardware systems for industrial automation, taking into account the specific requirements of the customer, capable of responding quickly to changes in the enterprise's internal business processes as needed.

The specialists of our company have rich practical experience in implementing the following tasks:
  • Organizational design
  • Design, optimization and reengineering of business processes
  • Design and development of systems on 1С class MES, ACS, SCADA, MRO (EAM), MRP II, ERP, WMS
  • Creation, implementation and support of information systems and software
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