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Web, Intranet, Internet, integration with ERP / 1C

Web, Intranet, Internet, integration of ACS AllCtrl.SCADA with ERP/1C

Thanks to the chosen implementation platform of ACS AllCtrl.SCADA - 1C: Enterprise 8.3 (managed forms), it is easy to organize web access and integration with third-party ERP systems, both on the basis of 1C and other platforms (SAP, Monolit, Axapta, ...).

By using controllers with built-in modules to access the network, you can combine production facilities with other departments in the enterprise, and it also offers new opportunities for accessing and managing information about the production process. With a built-in web server, you can access data using only a personal computer.

ACS AllCtrl.SCADA offers many ways to integrate with ERP in order to exchange information:
  • Web service (used to communicate between applications on different platforms with different technologies and languages)
  • Exchange files in XML format
  • Exchange XML messages through data exchange buses
  • Exchange messages by COM-technology

Integration of ACS with ERP has several advantages, including: combining different technological objects in the common system, improving the quality and quantity of production, instant response and the ability to make changes as necessary, rapid decision-making, reporting and maintenance of industrial analytics.

Combining ACS with ERP makes it easier to perform basic production tasks:
  • exchange of information between the upper and lower levels of systems for further data processing;
  • transfer of technology indicators from the control system used to the enterprise database (e.g. temperature, humidity, lighting, air, etc.);
  • visualization of information in the form of graphs, charts, tables;
  • detailed information about the work of the enterprise as a whole.

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