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Cost reduction - Maintenance and repair of equipment on 1C

Today we will discuss the MRO module Controlling repair and maintenance of AllCtrl.SCADA software, based on 1C: Enterprise. It is widely used in production industries and is designed primarily to reduce the risk of equipment failure. The system performs cyclic routine preventative maintenance, improving the technical condition and quality of the equipment. This allows to avoid future chaotic repair works.

Functional web or control over everything and at once

The main task of MRO is to maintain operability of equipment and stabilize its work. The software product renders information about the manufacturing and technological structure of an enterprise, which allows you to monitor the status of each object individually.

System functionality is as follows:
  • monitoring the availability of spare parts, tools, materials and equipment;
  • creation of job orders for repairs and control over the process of their implementation;
  • determination of the number of personnel responsible for repairs and maintenance;
  • collection and storage of information in electronic form and provision of employees of repair services with access to the data archive;
  • timely completion of repairs.

And what is inside?

There is a whole organism of subsystems, complementing each other, inside MRO. They are the guarantee of its functioning, so it is worth considering the role of each.
1. PPM (Planned Preventive Maintenance). Maintains the equipment to its failure.
2. ТВМ (Time-Based Maintenance). Calculates the period of time, at which the equipment is to be inspected depending on its threshold service hours.
3. СВМ (Condition-Based Maintenance). Determines the actual state of the hardware.
4. RCM (Reliability Centred Maintenance). Prevents only the failures that can cause significant harm. That is, attention is paid only to the consequences of the equipment failure. This practice significantly reduces costs.
5. RBM (Risk-Based Maintenance). Evaluates the criticality of the hardware.

Path to perfection

It is safe to say that MRO module of AllCtrl.SCADA software product greatly improves performance and simplifies control over technical indicators of enterprises. But there is always room to grow, so in conclusion we would like to mention several ways you can improve the health of MRO:
1. Taking into account the ageing of equipment and the need to replace it. This will, of course, raise costs, but they are justified.
2. Performing more accurate analysis of the types, consequences and criticality of failures, and an estimate of the costs for their prevention.
3. Creation of a single coherent system of standards for time between overhauls that is independent of subjective factors, but is used according to the capacity of the equipment.

Stay with us to learn about industry innovations and how to use the software tools efficiently.
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