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AllCtrl.SCADA based on 1C. Good and... even better!

If you are looking for an optimal enterprise management solution, then the automated process management system from AllCtrl.SCADA, based on 1C is exactly what you were looking for. Why? It simplifies tasks, minimizes errors and improves productivity.

Focus areas of our company:
  • automation of industrial enterprises
  • management of engineering infrastructure networks of modern buildings
  • automation of a livestock complex
  • greenhouse automation

Even more opportunities with 1C

The automated system to control technological processes (ACS) from AllCtrl.SCADA works on the basis of 1C. This opens up a number of possibilities:
  • regulation and evaluation of the process in real-time by the dispatcher's console
  • the structure, location and condition of the objects can be seen in the graphic diagrams (mnemonic diagrams)
  • a simple system for planning maintenance and repair of equipment (]MRO[/url])
  • automation of decision-making and direction of signals to equipment
  • reduction of expenses for maintenance of equipment (constant control reduces the number of emergencies)

AllCtrl.SCADA based on 1C. Good and... even better!

The first advantage of AllСtrl.SCADA is that it is implemented on 1С. This allows you to remotely control the operation of a particular hardware or the whole enterprise in a simple and familiar interface.

The second is the ability to receive information from an unlimited number of devices through Wi-Fi, SMS, PLM, RS-485, and other data transfer methods, and its
[]OPC client on 1C[/url].

We can implement control of the ACS on the basis of 1C, both via our and your equipment. If your hardware does not interact with the ACS, we will install our sensors and plug equipment into our controllers.

In addition to the benefits listed above, you'll enjoy a modern and user-friendly interface that you can easily work with.

We don't pretend to be able to control the whole world. And controlling a greenhouse is a simple task for us!

The principle of operation of the ACS AllCtrl.SCADA based on 1C is easily explained by the example of a greenhouses automation.
AllCtrl.SCADA, based on 1C, includes a set of sensors, devices, controllers, and a suite of software solutions that are required to manage equipment within a greenhouse. It is easy to analyse and control the production process. Thanks to ACS AllCtrl.SCADA based on 1C, controlling the functionality of the desired indicators (soil temperature, air temperature, humidity, lighting, and amount of carbon dioxide) is much simpler. The end result is the increased quality and volume of harvest without extra costs.

Turn difficult into simple

You can track a process in real time using graphic schemes in a practical and systematic manner.
The developed dispatcher console of ACS AllCtrl.SCADA based on 1C:Enterprise 8.3 allows you to simultaneously monitor the work of multiple objects. This feature allows you to evaluate performance and change settings at the right time.
You will get a convenient system that will make your business easier to control and increase your revenue!
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