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Reduce production costs and improve performance

Automation of equipment management is inevitable for enterprises whose owners care to reduce costs and minimize the human factor in production processes. Whether it is a production line, a livestock complex, a greenhouse or other forms of enterprises, modern technologies allow for the control of ongoing processes automatically, by using sensors, control systems, various complementary devices, and the main component - single hardware and software complex, which not only supports a given sequence of processes, but also responds quickly to changes in internal processes.

The AllCtrl company has almost 20 years’ experience in industrial consulting and automation of enterprise management systems based on 1C (MRO, ACS, SCADA, WMS, MES, MRPII). Using the accumulated experience and skills of its specialists, as well as the latest technological solutions, the company has developed its unique product - the system for industrial automation ACS AllCtrl.SCADA based on 1C. System with a simple and intuitive interface combines the MRO, , SCADA, accounting for spare parts modules, as well as a set of its own sensors/devices connected through Wi-Fi, SMS, PLM, RS-485 - all this can significantly expand its range of tasks and functionality. It can be managed remotely over the Internet, display the information on the dispatcher's screen in real time, and issue orders for scheduled (statutory) jobs in automatic mode.

Extensive experience in designing and creating systems of MRP II, ERP, WMS, MRO (EAM), ACS, SCADA class has helped the professionals of AllCtrl to establish practical, convenient and efficient system of automated control over which OPC-client obtains information from the vast number of connected devices to the system.

Thanks to ACS AllCtrl.SCADA based on 1C you can significantly improve productivity, reduce data input errors by 90%, reduce labour costs and increase equipment uptime. And, which is even more important, there is a significant increase in the speed of decision-making by employees of the enterprise, who now quicker response to changes and which means that they are better able to cope with their responsibilities.

There can be a wide variety of tasks that use the automated management system - management of the production itself and repair of the equipment, automation of processes in greenhouses and livestock complexes (regulation of irrigation, humidity, heating, lighting, animal feeding, etc.), automatic management of MEP systems of buildings, business centres, housing and utilities sector. Ultimately, it is the reduction of costs, and means substantial savings in the production of goods and services. And there's a guarantee of security and safety of the process - the equipment will react to an exceptional situation much faster than a man would notice.

To get more information about the system, you can order its presentation on the AllCtrl company website.
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