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What is SCADA?

The theme of our article today is the SCADA system that is widely used in production ( stands for Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition). We will tell you what industries it is used for, what its advantages are, and why, in fact, more and more enterprises prefer to use it.

From energetics to space

The applications of SCADA range from industrial production to telecommunications. Transport communications management (road, rail, water and air transport), electric power production and management, oil and gas, construction automation, ecology, military and even space-based objects - the SCADA system simplifies monitoring and reduces the use of the human factor in these industries.

Communicating with SCADA

SCADA software product is comprised of two subsystems: Human Interactive Subsystem and Task Interactive Subsystem. Simply put, the information is passed from the operator to the computer, and then from the computer to the object (equipment/device). Data is exchanged by I/O drivers, such as Modbus protocol or OPC/DDE servers.

You'll become friends!

You may ask what good is this system if you can't do it without a human presence?
Firstly, SCADA, created on the basis of 1C, is convenient and easy to use: the information is visualized on the operator's computer in the form of simple mnemonic diagrams, graphs, tables and drawings. The data is archived and can be viewed in a "playback" mode at any time, including through the Internet.
Secondly, information processing occurs in real time, which ensures constant control of technological process and helps to prevent downtime.
Another important advantage of SCADA is the flexibility and openness of 1C. In addition to the standard features, the system has open source code to create drivers and allows users to make their own modifications. This gives you the ability to tailor the program to to your own enterprise.

Man vs SCADA: what to expect?

It is no secret that operational dispatch and data collection systems are widely used in virtually all production areas where data monitoring and analysis are required.
SCADA forges ahead, its functionality is constantly growing — the system automates processes so that you can almost completely exclude the human factor. Even now SCADA software based on 1C can evaluate situations, make decisions, and change the necessary parameters without human intervention.

Our company is in constant development. The main advantage of AllCtrl.SCADA is to use the latest technology and 1C to manage and automate the production process, which reduces the risk of hardware crashes and improves performance. Specialists monitor any deviation from the norm within a single system. It is not difficult, when monitoring is carried out in a convenient and simple interface.

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