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Connecting many devices and equipment to 1C

Variety of devices, OPC-client to the ACS based on 1C

Most of the devices supplied in the world have the ability to integrate with information systems (automated control systems, ACS) through protocols (e.g. MODBUS, BACnet), OPC-servers.

The OPC technology organizes the exchange of data from a programmable logical controller and sets standards for communication and transmission of information from the remote controller to the SCADA program server (a universal OPC-interface is used for this purpose).

ACS AllCtrl.SCADA based on 1С is supplied with its own reliable solution for obtaining data from OPC-servers of devices, hardware. An OPC-client lets you collect information from an unlimited number of devices, in an unlimited number of tags. The information is securely transmitted and retained in the 1C ACS for further analysis and decision making by the MES, MRO modules.

If necessary, the programmers of our company can implement management of your hardware (read/write tags) by any protocol (e.g. MODBUS, BACnet) in the ACS based on 1C.

We are ready to come to your aid if you are not able to integrate equipment with information systems (ACS) by installing your own production sensors on your equipment, connecting to our controllers.
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