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A systematic approach to climate control

Systematic approach to microclimate management using AllCtrl.SCADA controllers and sensors

Providing the necessary external environment to plants plays an important role in obtaining positive results when cultivating crops in greenhouses. A properly balanced microclimate is a necessary part of a quality harvest.

The optimal micro-climatic indicators are achieved through managing such systems as:
  • the hinged windows open/close system;
  • the ventilation system, which provides air flow within the greenhouse and distributes the temperature evenly;
  • the evaporative cooling and additional moistening system, which supports the optimum humidity of plants and is applied in case of low humidity in the greenhouse;
  • lighting system;
  • heating system;
  • CO2 (carbon dioxide) supply system.

Microclimate of a greenhouse if influenced by wind, snow, ice, insolation, cloudy weather, ambient air temperature changes. Conditions may differ considerably in various areas of a greenhouse. AllCtrl.SCADA system lets you adjust the microclimate settings in the greenhouse based on such indicators as the plant condition, time of day, year, and weather.

A systematic approach to the environment micro-climate management in the greenhouse economy allows for a 25% increase in crop yields. Microclimate management system AllCtrl.SCADA is designed to centralize all the elements necessary to maintain a greenhouse. The sensors and controllers supplied by our company provide information on soil and air temperature, illumination, humidity, and the amount of carbon dioxide in the air. This data serves as a basis for automatic and autonomous decision-making (PID-algorithms) on directing signals to the equipment/devices, which manage the supply of hot water, CO2, nutrition, irrigation, illumination and humidity.

If required, our company may supply the necessary sensors/devices and implement a "turnkey" project to automate microclimate control of your object.
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