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Management of transoms in the greenhouse

Controlling hinged vent/windows in greenhouses on 1C AllCtrl.SCADA

To successfully grow plants in a greenhouse, you must provide them with optimal climatic conditions. It should be taken into account that:
  • the greenhouse effect contributes to the rapid rise of indoor temperature, which has a negative impact on plants;
  • the likelihood of spread of pests and diseases is greatly improved in a poorly ventilated premise.

ПTherefore, you must regularly ventilate the greenhouse to maintain the correct level of humidity and temperature. It is necessary to understand clearly how often and under what climatic conditions it is required to ventilate the greenhouse in order to control the atmosphere inside the greenhouse and provide air cooling.

ACS AllCtrl.SCADA based on 1C carries out opening/closing windows of the greenhouse based on information from temperature sensors inside and outside the greenhouse and customized decision-making algorithms.

Opening and closing of transoms (vent, windows) in the greenhouse can be implemented on different predefined parameters, for example, at the exact time, on certain temperature indicators (when the temperature reaches a certain level, the system opens or closes vents and windows). By the way, the temperature in a greenhouse on average can be from +16 to +25, and at night it should drop no more than 5-8 degrees. Temperature sensors also control timely heating at night.
In order to protect the transoms (vent) from damage by the wind, they are provided with a centralized emergency closure by a signal from the sensor measuring wind speed.

If necessary, our company may supply the necessary sensors/devices and implement a "turnkey" project to automate hinged vent/windows control in your greenhouse.
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