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Greenhouse lighting control

Lighting control with ACS AllCtrl.SCADA

Most of the management process parameters are related to one major factor in the external environment — lighting. The need for irrigation, carbon dioxide and nutrient feeding are determined depending on the brightness of sunlight, air and soil temperatures. Normal daylight is not enough for most crops, and artificial lighting must be installed to prevent reduction of yields. The main purpose of the artificial lighting system is to maintain the required level of light, taking into account the external solar radiation, time of day and year. Proper management of both natural and artificial light is capable of maximizing the impact of greenhouse forcing.

Based on information from light sensors, as well as customized алгоритмов принятия решений AllCtrl.SCADA hardware-software complex (ACS based on 1C) manages light, tracks the volume of electricity consumption.

The system renders the data as convenient mnemonic diagrams, graphs, and allows to adjust the technological parameters of the greenhouse according to a specific situation. The best choice for artificial lighting of industrial greenhouses - sodium-vapour lamps, because they are as close to the sunlight spectrum as possible. This type of lamps is sufficiently cost-effective and has a long lifespan; with the automated control system of AllCtrl.SCADA the control of light supply from such lamps is greatly simplified.

If necessary, our company may supply the required sensors/devices and implement a "turnkey" project to automate lighting control of your object.
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