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Controlling the supply of CO2 in the greenhouse

Manage CO2 supply on 1C with ACS

Highest performance in greenhouses can be achieved when the CO2 concentration rises to 700-800 ppm. The best option is to support CO2 concentrations at 1000 ppm throughout the day. Carbon dioxide dosing is a way to reduce the length of the vegetative phase of the plant. This provides an early and qualitative yield. The increase in carbon dioxide concentration (compared to its natural level) increases the yield (depending on the cultivated culture) on average by 20%, as well as up to 40% in some cases, taking into account the surrounding conditions, and speeds up the ripening of fruits. Also, increasing the level of CO2 in a greenhouse improves the physiology and plant structure and increases their resilience to environmental adverse factors.

ACS AllCtrl.SCADA based on 1C manages the CO2 supply system based on information from CO2 (carbon dioxide) sensors, schedule for each plant, and customized decision-making algorithms.

The automatic regulation of CO2 supply includes:
  • the ability to supply CO2 to the growing leaf area and the root area;
  • the ability to accurately and efficiently dose CO2 during daylight hours, avoiding abrupt changes in concentration and adapting to changing environmental factors (light, temperature, humidity) and the biological dynamics of photosynthesis;
  • the ability to distribute CO2 evenly within the whole greenhouse space (the amount of spent CO2 is distributed proportionally to the area of the greenhouse).

If required, our company may supply the necessary sensors/devices and implement a "turnkey" project to automate supply of CO2 in your greenhouse.
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