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Humidity control in the greenhouse

Humidity control with ACS based on 1C

Greenhouse is a closed structure, the primary purpose of which is to cultivate crops, so the big role is played by a constant and regular supply of water to plants. The needs of various plants are different, so there is a need for constant control over humidity. Increased humidity, for example, increases the risk of fungal infections, whereas too low humidity can lead to drying of the soil.

Control of the greenhouse in real time can be achieved through an automated control system. ACS AllCtrl.SCADA based on 1C manages the air-moisture system and monitors changes in humidity levels based on information from humidity sensors and customized decision-making algorithms . The management process is straightforward: when water from the water spray enters the greenhouse, humidity and water flow sensors record the data on the amount of incoming moisture, which is displayed on the operator's screen. The sensors measure the relative humidity of the air 24 hours a day and maintains the set modes.

AllCtrl.SCADA (ACS) based on 1C has a wide range of functionality and solves the following tasks related to humidity management in a greenhouse:
  • setting the daily humidity cycle and providing the desired climate;
  • maintenance of the set temperature and humidity by means of decision-making algorithms;
  • water management in the diffusion channel;
  • data collection, processing and archiving;
  • visualization of information in a user-friendly graphical format;
  • recording of events and alarms (for example, if the level of humidity exceeds the admissible norms);
  • maintenance of the set temperature and humidity by means of decision-making algorithms;

If required, our company may supply the necessary sensors/devices and implement a "turnkey" project to automate humidity control on your object.
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