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Management of MEP systems of a building with ACS AllCtrl.SCADA based on 1C

Modern buildings are a complex organisms consisting of heat supply, lighting, ventilation, access systems, and all of this needs to be managed in real time.

Building automation reduces the cost of energy resources (water, gas, electricity) that are required for heating and hot water supply, reduces the risk of accidents by improving the health of the MEP systems. Careful monitoring of indicators for temperature, air conditioning and ventilation modes works towards safety and comfort stay of people inside the building.

Hardware-software complex AllCtrl.SCADA (ACS, MRO) based on 1C is a set of sensors, devices, controllers and the software solution for managing the entire equipment of a building, as well as for collection of analytical information on the amount of resources spent on its maintenance.

Features of ACS AllCtrl.SCADA software based on 1C:
  • Automatic remote control of ventilation, air conditioning, heating, lighting systems;
  • Transfer and visualization of data (in the form of mnemonic diagrams, graphs, tables and schemes) on the work and status of all subsystems;
  • Prompt response to deviations from the set parameters;
  • Optimizing hardware management to reduce the costs of resource use;
  • Control over the load of equipment, distribution of energy resources among subsystems to save and enhance the efficiency of their use;
  • Timely localization and early decision-making in emergency situations;
  • Generation of reports and archiving of event data.
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