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Ease of operation, ease of adaptation - 1C 8.3

Ease of operation, ease of adaptation of ACS AllCtrl.SCADA - 1C 8.3

1C platform is familiar to specialists in many countries of the world. Intuitive and easy to use interface allows employees to quickly master the function of ACS, the programming language - adapt software solutions to the current business process requirements. Managed forms mode flexibly adjusts the capabilities of the system to the requirements of a specific user. 1C Enterprise 8.3 is used in virtually all aspects of automation, as the features of this platform allow you to use different configurations, based on the individual requirements of a particular enterprise. Hardware-software complex AllCtrl.SCADA (ACS based on 1C) allows for the organization of work in an enterprise of any size - from one to many objects with centralized management.

In addition to ease of use, AllCtrl.SCADA based on 1C optimizes the time that an employee spends working on documentation. This software automates control over:
  • expenditures of the enterprise;
  • production planning;
  • reporting on the released goods;
  • procurement of materials;
  • pricing and financial circulation;
  • salary payment and other.

Data backup gives you the ability to keep records of production not only in the process, but also after it — this way an employee can analyse what needs to be changed in production process to improve its effectiveness.

The software is easily adaptable and configurable for specific tasks, is able to manage production processes and personnel, maintenance and repairs.

Regardless of the size of the enterprise, AllCtrl.SCADA hardware-software complex allows for synthesizing all the information into an integral whole, setting the standards of work and generally centralizing all units of the enterprise.
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