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feeding Management

Feeding management

Management of animal feeding process in the AllCtrl.SCADA ACS hardware-software complex based on 1C is performed by the built-in sensors: they determine the amount of fodder in the feeders. The data is received by operator in real time, which contributes to the timely provision of fodder. The operator sets the time of loading and distribution of the feed based on the information received.

AllCtrl.SCADA ACS based on 1C simplifies the following::
  • distribution of fodder base of the enterprise;
  • collection of data on the condition of animals, their response to fodder;
  • selection of individual balanced diet for animals and its dosing;
  • analysis of the composition of fodder additives, premixes, combined feed.

The system can track changes in animal productivity, depending on the changes in the fodder base. The software product allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of various food additives use. The system automatically classifies groups of animals by their level of productivity, visualizes information about the feeding time, the amount of fodder, and the group of animals, which have received it. This allows you to keep the feeding process under control: do not overfeed animals and avoid unforeseen costs for the purchase of fodder.
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