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Automation of livestock breeding complex with ACS AllCtrl.SCADA based on 1C

Competent management of the environment in the complex allows to considerably increase the production volume.

Software-hardware complex AllCtrl.SCADA (ACS, MRO) is a set of sensors, devices, controllers and the software solution for managing the micro-climate of a livestock complex, feeding animals, as well as for collection of analytical information on agricultural output, analysis of the dependencies on the parameters, set by a technologist.

AllCtrl.SCADA automates important livestock processes such as: feeding (harvesting, storage and distribution of fodder), milking, milk processing, ventilation, heating, water supply, cleaning and processing of biological waste, etc.

Sensors and special control panels control the state of the animal in real time, and determine individual milking modes, herd reproduction, monitor diet, health, and animal productivity.

The system allows you to:
  • Optimize production stock with the ability to plan for the purchase of fodder, materials, bedding, veterinary preparations.
  • Improve the quality and quantity of products received through continuous monitoring of processes and the timely removal of deviances.
  • Analyse the data to determine the factors that ensure the successful development of a livestock complex.

The advantage of automating the livestock process is that the farmer is less tied to the herd, so that he can improve his own business and enhance the quality of sales activities, or invest in another business, such as crop production.
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